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RECOIL XL Single Foot Spinning Guides in Natural Titanium

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RECOIL XL Single Foot Spinning Guides in Natural Titanium

Initial guide sizes available include Single Foot 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25. Guide finish options include Natural Titanium and PVD coated Black Pearl™. Rod guides in both finishes will be available for shipment beginning in August 2023.

RECOIL XL® is the newest guide offering from REC Components. This guide is manufactured with 100% Nickel Titanium Alloy (NiTi) just as RECRECOIL® and CERECOIL™ line guides are. This unique “shape memory” material is extremely light, sensitive, wear resistant, cannot corrode in any environment and is virtually indestructible.

RECOIL XL combines all the features of REC RECOIL guides with an entirely new field-tested frame design. This design utilizes the existing loop diameter ofRECOIL guides with a significantly higher guide height. This revolutionary guide design increases rod performance by significantly reducing line slap on the blank and reducing guide weight and bulk. By significantly reducing line slap overall casting distance is increased. With a higher guide height, smaller guide sizes can be used to achieve the same “choke-down” effect. This reduction in guide train size results in decreased guide weight and bulk.

RECOIL XL enables fishing rods to perform more efficiently during casting, reeling, and fighting fish. This technical guide is designed to make the best fishing rods on the market perform at the highest level.

Natural Titanium guide finish part number RSPGXL

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