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ABGS (Downlocking Conversion) Reel Seat

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ABGS (Downlocking Conversion) Reel Seat
ABGS (Downlocking Conversion) Reel Seat

Lightweight reel seat featuring a uniquely shaped milled slide, milled hood, single diagonal knurled nut and trim band.

***This reel seat has been converted from the existing Uplocking version of our popular ABGS reel seat. This Downlocking version is offered with a cork check instead of a butt cap. When building, invert the reel seat to be used as a Downlocking reel seat. REC does not offer milling/inletting for fighting butts. One will be needed to complete the build.***

Recommended for #2-7 line weight rods.

Diameter: 0.655"

Length: 3.450"

Hood OD (for inlet): 0.810"


(Part# ABGSD)

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